More Fun with Fonts

This video is for those of you with Ultra or Platinum level software as it uses the Create / Digitizing module. We will start off in Quickfont, then move to playing with more of the tools. I show you both mySewnet and Premier+2. The video is taken on a Mac, if you have a PC you have the same tools, they’ll just visually be in a different place. It is longer – about 30 minutes – as it’s a full class, not one of the quick tips I post. I think you’ll enjoy it – let me know! 

Cross Stitcher Daffodil

Last summer I started making Cross Stitch designs from photos of my garden’s flowers. This batch started with this flower.

I cleaned off the background and added a bit of accent, changed up a few colors. Worked in both Premier+2 and mySewnet (Cross Stitcher is virtually the same in them).

Also playing with what color fabric to stitch these on. The grey outlines do get lost a bit on the darker background so if I go that way, I’ll have some work to do.

Although it is lovely with the background, I really did not want to be stitching over 140,000 stitches. I’m leaning doing all my flowers on deep green fabric – but this is still in the ‘mulling it over’ stage.

Playing with Shapes

It’s March – so I’ll highlight this one for all the new folks.

Playing with Shapes – Learn how to:

Design with Shapes in Create

Create an Applique 

Optimize your stitch order 

If you only watch one of my videos – this will give you enough info to get started creating your own designs.

The commands here are for the #mySewnet or #Premierplus2 software.  Just note if you have mySewnet that the Shape numbers are different – your hearts on the Mac are numbers 71, 72 and 73.

Quilting with Motifs 1

Fingers crossed! I’m ready to test stitch out my #ITH bag where I started with the Motif designs and made them quilting stitches. If it stitches well, I’ll put together a video on how to do it and post it here. If not, I’ll sadly slink away and hide 😉 .

With a zipper in the middle of the bag, it won’t finish without some machine stitching, but I do like the look.

oops, looks like WordPress has some new picture sizing

The process is pretty simple in #Premierplus2 software. Unfortunately, while the addition of Draw and Paint to the Mac #mySewnet is a good thing, there remain a few things that were much simpler before being shoved through that extra module. Doable, but if you have both releases of the software, keep your Premier+2 handy. You’ll be glad you did.

PREMIER+2 Tuesday Quick Tip Playing with Lettering 1

mySewnet Software Screen
PREMIER+2 screen.

You can see the screens are almost the exact same for lettering in mySewnet and the previous release of HusqvarnaViking / Pfaff digitizing software Premier+2. So mySewnet users can learn by watching the Premier+2 videos. This is on a Mac. PC version screens have commands in a different place although the commands are the same.

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Creating an automatic Cross Stitch Design

Another short video to answer a question from one of our Facebook group members about loading a picture to mySewnet Cross Stitcher to automatically generate a cross stitch design. This will work the same way in mySewnet or Premier+2 and in the Mac or PC versions.

 If you have any questions about #mySewnet or #Premier+2, join our informative group.

Fixing Designs – those odd threads

This is just a quick video to illustrate how you can get stray threads appearing and how to remove them. I’m showing this on the Mac version, it will work the same whether you have #Premier+2 or #mySewnet software.

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Easily Adding Notes to Your Designs

Don’t forget that our active space for both mySewnet and Premier+2 – whether you are on a Mac or Pc – is over in a Facebook group. We answer every question and add regular tips on how to digitize with the programs and a lot of us share our work.

Our Facebook group.

Still catching up on sharing videos here that I created for the group. This one is just a few minutes to walk someone through how to do notes in Premier+2 Embroidery. It works the same in mySewnet – this didn’t change. Notes are especially handy when you want to know what you did – with a particular font or superdesign – or for walking through your steps for an ITH.